[System Information] Agape IP Change 17/12/2021

Agape IP Change Notification

Information regarding node Agape IP address change that occurred at 17/12/2021.

What happened?

A major outage to our Datacenter in New York resulted in the change of networking to mitigate the outage and recover your services an IP Address change was also required to further protect your services.

Read more about the issue on our status page incident report.

What should you do?

This change should not affect you unless you are directly using the IP address of Agape to connect to your service (such as IP whitelists, etc)
The IP change is as simple as updating the IP address you currently have stored in your systems and update it to the new one.

What is the new IP Address?

For security reasons, we can not show the IP Address in this article however you have received an e-mail if you have an active service in Agape.
However here's a few other methods if you can not find the e-mail:
- Go to your service Remote Access page. The IP Address to remotely access your service is the new IP address for Agape.
- Contact our Support Team either via the Live Chat or via a Ticket.

Updated on: 22/12/2021

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