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Installing Python3 to your VPS (Ubuntu 18.04)

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In this guide, you will learn how to install Python3

This guide was created for Ubuntu 18.04 but should work on another Ubuntu flavors.

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- Summary

This tutorial aims to download Python3. To do that we need to execute 3 commands. If you need detailed instructions, follow the next part of this guide.

Note! Each line is a command that needs to run separately
$ sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade -y
sudo apt install -y python3-pip

- Detailed instructions

The first step we need to do is to make sure our operating system is up-to-date. To do that we need to run the command

$ sudo apt-get update

Python3 is installed on most Ubuntu operating systems by default, we simply have to make sure our operating system is up-to-date and to do that we need to run

$ sudo apt upgrade -y

The -y flag stands for "confirming" to all actions. You might need to give further inputs to the system.

Next up we need to install required tools by Python that allows up to download and install Python modules

$ sudo apt install -y python3-pip

- Result

Congratulations! You have installed Python3 to your VPS, test it out by running `python -v`! Remember, you can install Python modules for your project by running pip3 install package_name

Updated on: 09/02/2021

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