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How to make a Discord music bot

Welcome to SomethingHost!

In this tutorial, you will learn how you can host your very own Music bot for your Discord server.

Why host a music bot with SomethingHost instead of using a public one?
Many public bots limit the ability to change the volume of the music, for performance reasons
Public bots may have downtimes and slow connection due to the massive amount of the servers using them
You have dedicated resources for your bot, ensuring its superior performance
You can have subusers that can manage your bot and update it whenever needed

Hosting a Discord bot yourself ensures that your community will be safe and protected from any malicious bots
For this tutorial we will be using jagrosh's Music Bot, an open-sourced music bot written in Java using the JDA library

Let's begin!

First, go to the Configuration page of your Discord bot

Choose Java 1.10 as the programming language and leave the startup command empty, in order to activate the Development Mode

Go back to the Console page, and click on Rebuild and then click on Start
Now click on Start and wait for your service to start. You should see something like that

Simply paste
wget && mv JMusicBot-Snapshot-All.jar bot.jar
and then hit enter

This command will download the Music Bot from GitHub and rename it to a bot.jar for your convenience

Now, start your Discord bot by running
java -jar bot.jar
and following the instructions

We have a tutorial here on how to make a new Discord bot and get its token

Updated on: 28/12/2022

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