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Getting started with your new VPS

Welcome to Something!

So you just bought a new Virtual Private Server from us, well let's get started using it!

In this guide, you will learn how to manage your VPS as well as how to connect to it using an SSH client.

- The dashboard

Controlling your VPS is as easy as one click! Simply find your service and click on Manage your VPS

Service management button

- Initial setup

The first time you purchase a Virtual Private Server, you will need to select the operating system you wish to install, simply click on the desired OS and the process will automatically start!

Selecting the operating system

After you have select an operating system, a randomly generated password will be provided to you to log-in into your VPS as shown below

Write down this password somewhere as you will need to use to log-in to your VPS later on

Randomly generated password window

You can always reset your password from our panel by clicking the reset password button

Reset password button

- Controlling your server

From the console, you now view stats and manage your VPS such as:
View the connection address
View the total incoming and outgoing traffic
Start, Stop, Kill the VPS
Change the password or the operating system

Example control panel for our powerful VPS

Starting your server

Let's connect to our server, but before we do that we need to first start our VPS. To do that, simply press the Start button on VPS Control panel.

VPS Control Panel

- Connecting to our VPS

Now that our VPS is online and running, we need to use an SSH client to connect to our VPS. In this guide, we will be using Termius.

Open Termius and click on New Host

"New host" button on the Termius application

Now we need to input the following information of our VPS into Termius:
Label: A friendly name for our server, in this example we will name it as our VPS IP address.
Address: The connection IP/FQDN for our VPS, we will insert our server IP here.
Username: The username we wish to connect with, VPS default account is named root, so we will use root
Password: The password SomethingCP has generated for us.

Termius 'Add host' menu

After you have added your VPS to your Termius hosts, you can now connect it. The first time you connect to your VPS or whenever you reinstall your operating system, you will see a window that informs us that the "Authenticity of <IP address> can not be established". That is completely normal due to how SSH works. Simply click Add and continue

Termius connection authenticity warning window

So far so good! You have successfully connect to your VPS but there is a few steps you need to do to finish the process. Now that we are connected, you will see the operating system asks us to input the "Current UNIX password" which means to enter the password SomethingCP provided us in order to change it, for security reasons.
Simply input the generated password and then type in the new password you wish to use for connecting to your VPS, don't forget to write it down as well!

Since we are using an SSH client, CTRL + V does not work! On Linux machines we have to use CTRL + SHIFT + V to paste things and CTRL + SHIFT + C to copy! You can always change this on the Termius app settings.
You may notice that while typing the password, there is no visual output of it. That is a security measurement Linux has. You will not be able to see what you are typing or if you are typing. Simply type "blinded" or copy and paste any desired passwords.


You have successfully bought a blazing fast Virtual Private Server from Something.Host, learned how to manage it and learned how to connect to it! Enjoy your service and don't forget our support team is here if you need them!

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Updated on: 09/02/2021

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