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Getting started with your Minecraft server

Welcome to Something!

So you bought a Minecraft server from us, time to set it up and get your powerful and fast Minecraft server up and running in no-time!

Step 1

The first step is to configure your newly bought server. Simply locate your server in your services and go to the configuration page!

Our new Minecraft server configuration button

Now select the type of Minecraft server you wish for our panel to use:

Server type selection dropdown

Now we want to select the Minecraft server version we wish to use, for this example we will select Paper 1.16.5

Server Jar selection

If you wish to upload your own Jar, feel free to click the Choose file button underneath the Custom Jar area simply upload the desired Jar!

Step 2

Now we need to select the proper Java version

Java version selection dropdown

Please make sure to select the best Java version for the server Jar you are using! Not all Java versions will work on all server Jars!

Step 3

Our server has now been configured and it's ready to deploy, let's start it up! Let's start by going to the console:

Console button for our Minecraft server

Now hit the Rebuild button for your server to apply the configuration changes and the hit the Start button and watch your server launch instantly using our latest GameBoost technology!

Starting your Minecraft server

A healthy Minecraft server startup using our GameBoost technology!

Take advantage of our GameBoost technology today and experience the fastest startup times ever!


Your new Minecraft server is now ready for your players to connect to it using the connection IP located on the top of the console!

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Updated on: 08/02/2021

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