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In this guide you will learn how to upload and configure your bot into our services.

1: Get a service running
The first thing you will need to do is order a Discord Bot package from our panel.

2: Configure your service
The programming language needs to be the same as your bot's language, make sure you put the correct one with the correct version.
You can put a startup command which will be executed on your server's startup. Leave it empty to go InDev mode.

Configuration Page

3: Upload your bot's files
The next step is to download an FTP/SFTP client and login to your service.

FTP is what is used to transfer files through our servers. Check our tutorials on how to use FileZilla or WinSCP

You can now upload your bot files into your service.

If you are using NodeJS, do not upload your node_modules folder. Upload your package.json file then run npm i in your console.

4: Start your bot
Now, you can start your bot by executing a command either in your console using InDev mode, either by putting it in your configuration.

Here are some example commands, replace index with your main file name:
NodeJS: node index.js
Python: python index.py

Recommended: Setup your bot in these languages:
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